Tailored Car Mats By Manufacturer And Model For You

Car floor mats can be easy to maintain by removing them for cleaning before replacing them in the car. The fitted car mats not only protect your car floor from all sorts of dirt and grime but also adds to safety as items placed within are less likely to slip around. The custom car mat of your choice should also be durable and comfortable enough for daily use. With so many different options available on the market, and with choices ranging from floor mat material to the design, style and price, we give you some of the best mats available. Manufactured in the UK and fast courier delivery to your door, if you need a floor mat for your car, choose Ultimmate Car Mats.

We need to know which car or van you have, as our products are fully tailored to fit your vehicle footwells perfectly. All purchases are manufactured on-demand so there's no stock delays.

Not sure if the floor mats will fit?

Whether you can't see your model of car or are just not sure what year to pick, we can help.

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We have an extensive library of patterns for mats that will fit your vehicle as perfectly as the original manufacturer's parts.

Just locate the make and model of your vehicle to browse suitable products. If you can't find what you need, just contact us! We are able to manufacture custom carpets for any vehicle with your original mats as a template.


Carpet mats come with an anti slip backing and optional heel pad.

Mats are fitted with a locking mechanism where appropriate to the vehicle.

Contoured footwell carpet


Our Classic line of products are made from 550g/m2 looped pile carpet and available in two colours.

The Luxury mats are a heavier 900g/m2 cut pile carpet, available in eight colours.

The Ultimate car mats range is a very high quality 1300g/m2 tufted pile carpet, almost three times the weight of the Classic!

Our Rubber floor mats are ideal for heavy duty use and winter months, made of heavy duty black rubber with black edge binding.

Touch and durable rubber mats available


All of the mats have a default binding, but you can select an alternative colour for a small additional cost (not available with rubber mats).

Edge Binding and locator clips


Our optional embroidery is available in several different writing styles and colours. If you choose to add this to your order, the embroidery text will be stitched onto a backing material and heat-bonded to the mats. On front floor mats, these are positioned along the outside edge to face the door. If the text you enter is too wide to fit along the outside edge, it will be positioned across the centre of the mats facing the seats.
If you also choose rear mat embroidery, these are positioned across the centre of the mats facing the seats.